Google Plus Page Re-purposing

Since my tumblr blog has turned into a thing for general screenshot uploads and post likes/reblogs, I took its associated G+ page and re-purposed it. The page will now be a sort of mirror of the tumblr blog in that I will post game screenshots (mostly Guild Wars 2) and gaming-related things to it.

Early October Purchases

This is why I love using EMS. I ordered KAMIJO's Heart and 闇夜のライオン September 29th and received them yesterday (although I could have picked them up Friday if I wasn't working). I would've picked up Jupiter's ARCADIA, too, but CDJapan didn't have it listed for some reason… :(

I also picked up the new Smash Bros. after work on Friday, but I don't know how much playtime it'll see. Even with a 3DS XL, I often have a hard time seeing what's going on.

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August Loot

The CDs that I pre-ordered a few months ago came in this week! :D

Originally, I was only pre-ordering Kamijo's Louis〜艶血のラヴィアンローズ〜, but then Jupiter's debut album, Classical Element, was announced the next day. So I pre-ordered that and LUNA SEA's Thoughts as well on a separate order (CDJapan orders cannot be modified if you pay via PayPal).

Photos after the break:

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Blessing of the Future

My copy of Jupiter's Blessing of the Future came in the mail today and I have to say, I was honestly not expecting the jewel case to be book-sized. ^^;

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Baby acolyte seeks sister

I found this image of my first baby acolyte while looking for another image. The screenshot was taken when I passed the NPC and thought it looked like she could be my character’s older sister. ^^;

(Also found an old sprite I made… :3 )

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