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Babies and Santa Suits

It’s too bad that people who come from offscreen see you as a normal-sized character… :(

baby aco santa

Spend cash, get high-end gears!

That is basically the bottom line of Gravity Interactive's latest holiday event. This Tuesday, as a part of the Thanksgiving event, they implemented the Libra headgears along with a new headgear as Kafra Shop items. The new headgear, Red Wing Hat, comes with an added incentive for those who upgrade it to +7-10.

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RO Characters

This is just a simple representation of the characters on my main RO account. I may work on it more and add some sort of background and effects, but I am quite content with how it looks as-is for now.

ro characters

Moi dix Mois

moi dix moisMoi dix Mois jump-started its career on March 19, 2002. The group's name is a term coined by Mana. "Moi" means "me" (that is Mana), and "dix Mois" means "10 months" in French. The implied meaning of dix Mois is the birth and the beginning, coming from the 10-month period of human fetal development as an embryo in the mother's womb. Also, the number 10 has been given a special connotation by Mana: a combination of "1" representing the start, and "0" implying the potential eternity or infinity.

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Malice Mizer

malice mizerMalice Mizer was created in August of 1992 by guitarists Mana and Közi. They formed the band with the purpose of answering the question "What is human?", and to "seek out something which lurks deep inside the human mind" (Közi). As the "main" leader of the band, Mana had quite a bit of influence as to the type of music that Malice Mizer would play. He based the band's musical direction based on the fact that his direction in music was not going to be masculine, along with his interest in classical music and the background music of Italian horror films.

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