Apparently, USPS cannot be bothered to at least ring a doorbell if a package does not require a signature… After some issues with shipment from supplier to Gravity Interactive, I finally received my second Arch Bishop. Included in the package was a coupon code to receive a second Heart Ribbon Hairband as compensation for the delay, although Heimdallr apparently mentioned the possibility of trading these in for something else later on (a few people were not pleased with a second headgear as compensation). If this is true, I am kind of interested in what he has planned.

20110302 archbishopnendo01

Thanks to a dragon REQ redux and this month’s lucky boxes, I was able to finish my baby acolyte. Now I’m ready for when iRO announces a date for renewal/third classes.

babyacolyte lv99

Uguu ~

I made this thing in 2005 to be my vendor and only worried about getting to 81 for panda cart… Thanks to the Abyss Lake REQ, I was able to finish it and turn it into something that contribute to the death of many, many AFK people.

alch lvl99

Thanks to iRO’s current repeatable experience quest event, my baby dancer went from nothing to level 99 within 1-2 weeks.

babydancer lv99

It’s too bad that people who come from offscreen see you as a normal-sized character… :(

baby aco santa