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elegant gothic lolitaA subset of gothic and lolita fashion, elegant gothic lolita came about as a result of Mana's wearing of darker variations of lolita skirts and dresses. Elegant gothic lolitas exude an aura of childish innocence with a hint of elegance, and they typically present themselves as Victorian children or porcelain dolls.

The staple dress consists of ruffled, elegant Victorianesque blouses and voluminous, frilly mini to knee-length skirts, and is typically black or white in color, although red and pastel colors may occasionally be used as accenting colors (pastels are worn only with white). Hair may be worn with curls on either side of the head, or a full head of curls (a la Shirley Temple). It may also be long with bangs or done up in pigtails, and can range in color from black to any shade of brown (or blue in rare cases). The headgear is usually a headband with ruffles, ribbons, lace, or bows, although bonnets are sometimes worn as well. Stockings are knee to thigh-length, and are typically black opaque or white with little bows and ruffles at the top, but may also be black fishnet (with or without holes). Shoes that are worn by elegant gothic lolitas are large platform shoes or Mary Jane type platform heels.

elegant gothic lolitaMakeup for the elegant gothic lolita is generally used sparingly, and consists of black eyeliner and red or black lipstick. A white foundation may also be used, although many Japanese women already have a pale complexion. To accent the dress or skirt, lolitas may also wear lace gloves and carry large pocketbooks, hatboxes, or handbags, which are sometimes shaped like bats, coffins, and crucifixes. Parasols are also common accessories, particularly on sunny days. White aprons are not as common anymore, but they may be worn with a black dress to give it an "Alice in Wonderland" look.

Because of the time, money, and effort typically invested in elegant gothic lolita, adherents only dress up on weekends and for live performances. They will usually congregate in Yoyogi Park, in Tokyo's Shibuya district, near the many shops that cater to elegant gothic lolita fashions.