Southern Anime

That is basically the bottom line of Gravity Interactive's latest holiday event. This Tuesday, as a part of the Thanksgiving event, they implemented the Libra headgears along with a new headgear as Kafra Shop items. The new headgear, Red Wing Hat, comes with an added incentive for those who upgrade it to +7-10.

The incentives for upgrading the Red Wing Hat are as follows:

  • +7: 2 High Efficiency Battle Manuals
  • +8: player is entered into lottery for 1 of 165 sets of +5 Valkyrie gear (helm, shoes, armor, and manteau)
  • +9: player is entered into lottery for 1 of 50 sets of +7 Valkyrie gear
  • +10: player's choice of cards: Hatii or Ghostring

Looking at those incentives, you can tell there will be at least a few people breaking the bank and/or dipping into their savings trying for a +10 hat. Personally, I'd rather just aim for one or two+7 hats for utility and be done with it, but whatever. O:)

And speaking of +7!

+7 Red Wing Hat

That right there only took me two hats. I still have four unopened hat boxes sitting in my inventory, but I'll upgrade those later on when I have the time to hunt some elunium. :)